We Strive Counseling aims to help individuals and families heal emotionally and improve their psychological wellness. We provide individual, family, couples, and group counseling for adults, teenagers, and children.
 We Strive Counseling serves clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship stress, behavioral problems, anger management, trauma, and other mental health concerns. We use evidenced- based, and well- researched modalities such as cognitive- behavioral, dialectical- behavioral informed, psychodynamic, strength-based and client centered skills in our counseling practice.



  Welcoming Environment:  Provide a safe, warm, and non- judgmental place where clients are valued and welcome.
  Trustworthy Relationship:  Develop a strong, therapeutic relationship between counselor and client, where the client is received with honesty, unconditional positive regard, and integrity.
 Culturally- Sensitive Counseling:   Respecting clients' diverse backgrounds, experiences, views, and culture is extremely important to us. The counseling process should be open to discuss culture as it may play a role in their wellness journey.

  Wellness Spectrum:   The words "sick or ill" do not exist at We Strive Counseling, we believe everyone functions at different levels of wellness, and we all have unique strengths to help us move further along the wellness spectrum. The counseling process should intend to identify and access those strengths, thus helping clients find sustainable relief.

 Collaborative Approach:  The client and counselor are a team, and they work together in the counseling process, with intention of meeting treatment goals. The counselor remains transparent, open, and always has clients’ best interests at heart.